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Our Tastemakers are constantly finding new ways to wow their guests—and creating fully-sensorial meals is at the top of the list.

Taste has long been the prioritized sense when it comes to enjoying our food, but other factors like smell, sight, sound and touch all come to play when choosing and enjoying a meal.


As mammals, we use our sense of smell to determine the quality of what we eat—but as humans, it can do a lot more. The fresh aroma of coffee can transport you from work-mode to vacation-mode and the familiar smell of a meal can take you back to childhood. Scent has long been associated with memory—and the better the meal smells, the sweeter the memories will be.



From our days as foragers, we’ve used our sense of smell to inspect food, but today it’s more about eating with the eyes. Scientists have found that the way a meal is presented directly affects how its taste is perceived. So go ahead, add those bright colors and eclectic plates—it just adds to the cravability of the meal.


Scientists believe our love of crunchy-sounding foods stems from our bug-eating days millions of years ago. Thankfully, that’s evolved into crunch correlating with nutrient-rich and fresh foods like fruits and veggies. The more we hear our food, the more we eat—movie theater popcorn anyone? That’s because the crunchiness takes away our ability to multitask as we eat, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the flavor we’re enjoying.


Sure, touch may be the least important factor in a highly sensorial meal, but adding the final touch just adds to the experience. Travel-friendly ergonomic forms can enhance the OTG experience and adding chopsticks for a more authentic vibe are just a few examples of how touch can turn a great meal into an unforgettable one.

When creating a culinary experience, our Tastemakers know taste is important—but the goal is to make the entire experience more memorable. To the delicious aromas that meet people at the door to crave-worthy garnishes that get people excited to discover new flavors—our chefs consistently go above and beyond for their guests.

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