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Tech Comes to the Kitchen

We’re used to seeing advances in tech in industries like transportation and retail, but food service, not so much—Until now. Now, we’re finally seeing a range of new technology designed to enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.

Hey Sally, Pass Me the…

Meet Sally, the latest creation in kitchen robotics. Sally is a rolling chef bot designed to mimic the MTO concept for salad-lovers. She comes equipped with a user-friendly interface and 22 ingredient-holding containers that allow guests to choose a variety of salad toppings in seconds. Currently, Sally resides with a LifeWorks Culinary Director, but soon (especially with new safety and social distancing standards) she may just be popping up in business cafes across the country. 

Vending, Done Healthy

The days of chocolate bars and chips in vending machines may soon be long gone. Today, guests still need convenient options, but they also have higher standards for what those options are. That’s Fresh Bowls sweet spot. It’s an environmentally and tastebud friendly approach to food vending, which comes in a glass container that can be recycled right at the kiosk. Guests can select from a variety of fresh, healthy options on the touchscreen, then immediately receive their meal, which comes in a glass container that can be recycled right at the kiosk.

Super-Fast Food Checkout

Ever thought about how much time is wasted paying for your lunch at work?  We have!  That’s where Mashgin comes into play.  Founded by an innovative startup, it’s a 3D intelligent checkout machine with 15 cameras that allows guests to set all food and grocery items on a scale at once, then they’re automatically weighed totaled. Just set, scan and swipe your card.

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