It Starts With A Spark

There is no one-size-fits-all LifeWorks package. We listen, research and communicate to develop custom solutions rooted in our core philosophy and your unique company culture.

What We're Solving For


We create environments that go far beyond just a place to eat or drink, that are fueled by a
combination of four differentiators leading to happier and healthier teams, a more robust company
culture, and greater interconnectivity. The culmination is a workplace transformed.

Exceptional Experiences

Our team of forward-thinkers look at the whole workday as an experience—not a requirement—and deliver out-of-this world, truly sensory experiences, feeding your company culture and keep you inspired throughout the day.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

We are forward-thinkers and Tastemakers who think big and have an unquenchable thirst for what’s next.


At LifeWorks, we believe enjoying yourself is the key to a good quality of life so we create opportunities for your team to have fun, get excited or simply unwind and kick back.


We have a hip and exciting company culture—one that motivates its team and attracts the best talent. We are built on moments that matter, often combining fun trends, engaging experiences, and cool stuff.


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