For the Greater Good

We hold ourselves accountable and live by the highest standards to build a positive impact within each community we serve.

We believe true sensory experiences are about connections. Our programs are designed to encourage and create opportunity for food, people, place and community to connect.

We know food but there’s a story behind each plate. We go beyond the ingredients to make sure to create meaningful interactions and relationships between our people and yours.

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Clean and Healthy

We strive for vibrant meals from seasonally, locally sourced ingredients; free of chemicals, antibiotics and artificial gunk-our food is rooted in place and has a sense of soul.

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You Are What You Eat

What you consume affects energy, stress and productivity. So, forget fad diets, calorie counting and lo-carbs—with LifeWorks, it’s better-for-you-food for off-the-charts-wellbeing.

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We Keep You Going

Great meals are about more than just nourishment, they should engage and motivate—our Culinary Tastemakers shape the meal-time experience from custom recipes and flavors to local and national partnerships to keep you going throughout your day.

It’s not just about being a member of the community, it’s about building a holistically healthier community for all.

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Socially Responsible Programs

From responsible sourcing and food waste to strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs and restaurants, we work together with those that share our values and vision for future.

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Consciously Local

In everything we do, from farms and food to partners and programs, we start local to create positive global impact.

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A Force for Good

Sustainability and leaving a positive impact guides everything we do, from start-up kitchens and local partnerships to responsible sourcing and food waste.

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