A Holistic Approach to a Healthier Workplace

feeding culture. fueling potential. It’s not just a catchy phrase we like to throw around; it’s our guiding principal here at LifeWorks. We take the “you are what you eat” rubric to heart – asserting the irrefutable link between nutritional choices and physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Simply put, what we feed our bodies affects energy levels, stress management, and productivity, which in turn directly affect business outcomes. Okay, maybe you’ve heard this all before. But it’s not enough to talk the talk. Your team needs help to walk the walk. And that’s where we come in.

Most Wellness programs focus on healthy menu changes and incentives. While these are important to address, one fundamental ingredient is missing from this approach – adaptation. Teams need help understanding the impact their food, beverage, and lifestyle choices have on their overall well-being so they can feel equipped and empowered to pursue healthier lifestyles on- (and off-) campus. And that’s how we’re different.

We DRIVE this fundamental behavior change by offering:

1) SYSTEMIC SUPPORT. From personalized guidance by an on-site, registered dietitian to customized fitness plans, educational resources, group workshops, fitness tracking tech, innovative incentive programs, and menus that nourish and excite – there’s no limit to the support we can provide. . 

2) POWERHOUSE PARTNERSHIPS. Our fierce commitment to health and wellness is evident in the organizations we partner with and the programs we develop, like our “Healthy for Life 20 by 20” program in partnership with the American Heart Association®  — devoted to improving Americans’ diets and health by 20 percent by the year 2020. 

3) BOUNDLESS BENEFITS. Investing in health and wellness is a win-win. Increased engagement, higher productivity, better performance, and a potential decrease in healthcare costs? Yes, please. Investing in employees pays dividends for your team and your bottom line.  

4) CUTTING-EDGE CONCEPTS. If you haven’t gotten the hint, we’re not a “check-the-box” type of company. We strive to inspire your team in everything they do – including setting and maintaining their own health and fitness goals. Need to squeeze in a midday workout? A fitness solution is right around the corner. Sick of the same old smoothies? How about a “fuel” station with fresh pressed juices, brain foods, healthy “truffles”, and a spa waterstation?


At LifeWorks, we make it easy for your team to eat well, work well, and live well.

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